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Something's wrong when chart showing



I’m using latest version for android app. When I create chart to track response time and interaction Duration time. but some thing wrong when chart shown!!! line of response time isn’t not smoothly I mean it was fragmented and in sometimes the line is zero value :frowning:
Here is my query: SELECT average(responseTime) as 'Avg Response', average(responseTime) +average(interactionDuration) as'Avg Time Render' FROM Mobile, MobileRequest Where Screen ='Home' and appName ='myApp' SINCE 1 week AGO TIMESERIES AUTO
p/s: End user interaction is so many and my expectation is the smooth chart in real-time.

  • additional chart’s screenshoot below.


Hmm, looks like everything should be ok. Sorry, but I did not quite understand how this should work. Is it an android interface? That is, I can display this dashboard on any ios or android device?


it is android platform


Hi @v.thanhtd16

I’m afraid I might not quite be understanding what the issue is with this chart either. Can you elaborate on what your anticipated chart would look like? If I’m understanding correctly, your assumption is that there should always be an average responseTime and therefore when querying for the responseTime + interactionDuration you should see an even chart line.

I think our articles on how these two data sets are displayed and calculated within our UI may help you better understand what this chart is displaying:

I hope this helps you out!