[SPA] Find attributes of Dropped users from browser interaction Funnel

We have created a Funnel through BrowserInteraction which showed us some users dropped before completing the flow. that was helpful.
meaning from A-> B -> C. the funnel gave us info that some session got dropped in B

Trying to go further, we have a blocker.
only if we know which session are dropped from the flow we would able to pin point what happened to the user session and y they got dropped.

how do we create a matching representation from UI layer to BE layer so that we know which session caused issue which would help fix issues.

No way to funnel through url’s in APM to match this from BrowserInteraction.
Our app runs on Angular.
Any help is much appreciated!

Hi @abinavaraam.k

Thanks for reaching out!
As Browser agent completely monitors the end user’s front end activity there is not much linked to the back end. If you have an APM agent with browser monitoring enabled, the Page views in Browser UI should be able to show you the linked Transactions from APM. This has been mentioned in detail here.

And the event data for PageView and BrowserInteraction should also show the backend transaction names.

For example, BrowserInteraction.backendTransactionName holds the name of the backend transaction that served the initial page load.

Link - https://docs.newrelic.com/attribute-dictionary/spa-browserinteraction/backendtransactionname

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the response.
While querying the BrowserIntraction the value of the backendTransactionName is empty. I made sure it’s the initial page load interaction.

we have APM running and I was able to view the api info separately.

This is what i am trying to achieve.

  1. From BrowserInteraction filter out by targetUrland sort by the desc on duration. this will give the maximum time taken instance.
  2. in that we can see how much is backend timing and how much is front end timing using the duration and timetoResponseEnd.
  3. Here is the catch if we look closer the backend timing was nearly completed below 3 sec max. I have confirmed it with Transaction table and it seems the 95% is below 3 sec
  4. But the Front end is taking the more than what it was supposed to be like around 130sec in some instance.