Spring boot 2 Actuator Newrelic integration

Hi There,

I am trying to setup metrics to be published to newrelic using spring boot actuator. As per documentation here https://docs.spring.io/spring-boot/docs/current/reference/html/production-ready-features.html#production-ready-metrics-export-newrelic, configured the integration with api key and account id. How can configure for which new relic application the metrics to be captured as well as I am not able to see any metrics in newrelic. There is no configuration available to be setup for appication id, env and etc only insights api key and account id in spring’s application properties.

Can someone help, if you are successful in setting this up.

p.s. I am not using newrelic java agent and java agent is not in classpath.

Hi @sudhakar.kirubakaran,

The New Relic Telemetry SDK does not have the ability to send metrics to a specific app name similar to the agent. But you can review this Metric API documentation to create your own custom dashboard.

Hi @bidahor,

Thanks for the information. Is there any plan to add this feature because it would be good to associate the metrics to the respective application id.

@sudhakar.kirubakaran -

I don’t have the visibility into the Telemetry SDKs roadmap, but, that is a great request to add to the Github repo to make sure it’s seen by the developers!

Could you post the request for Telemetry SDK to support adding metrics to specific app names in the Github issues page?