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Ssl error : Host ... not found in certificate



We have registered a website on NewRelic.
It has a valid certificate when I check on SSL Labs.
But, on NewRelic > Reports > Availability, it has an “SSL Error : Host not found in certificate (*, *,”
In fact, I see that our site has two certificates. In a browser, the HTTPS is good (, but in NewRelic, it shows an error (considering the
How can you explain that ?
Best regards


Hi @jaubry ,

It looks like you’re using TLSv1.2 on that site, this is not something our legacy pinger currently supports. Have you looked at our Synthetics pinger as this should work out for this cert. You can find more about this at the following page on our docs site -

Let me know if you need any other help!


Thank you,
I have just set up the monitoring, I will check.


No worries! Let us know if you’ve any questions!


The monitoring has been working for 12h hours. I don’t have any errors or failures so I think everything is OK now.
Thanks a lot !


Good to hear! Be sure to let us know if there’s anything else!