SSLTimeoutError Atlanta, Georgia only?

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We are getting intermittent SSLTimeoutError on our synthetics, but only from Georgia. I have turned off Georgia location for now, but wondering if there is something we can do on our end or if there is something different about Georgia?

Hi @jeff6. Thanks for reporting this! We are continuing to investigate this issue. It appears to be related to DNS lookup times. If you go to the Synthetics Results page and only look at Atlanta you will see that most of the time is spent in DNS lookup. You might try deselecting DNS lookup to more easily see the remaining load time.

I recommend following this thread on the issue: Flapping alerts in Synthetics from Atlanta

I found this thread after posting in SSL verification timed out error

I too have been been having issues with Atlanta SSL verifcation timeouts.

Example. There are a lot from various services from over the weekend. This is just one example (All Atlanta).[start]=1476118470&tw[end]=1476723270

Hey @bradbooth -

Thanks for sharing. We think we got this ironed out:

Please keep us posted if this continues to be an issue for you.


Hi all,

I just today switched from APM ping monitoring to Synthetics pings for my sites, because of SNI support.

Since this morning, I’ve received 4 or 5 monitoring errors from Atlanta. All other monitors are ok. It looks like this problem still persists.

Hi @davy.herben - thanks so much for reporting the issue. We took a look at the situation and while we’ve seen some errors from Atlanta recently, right now it appears to be operating normally. Sorry for any inconvenience this may be raising, and if you see more errors, please let us know so that we can dig deeper. Screen shots and permalinks especially appreciated!