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SSO login did not work for multiple users in multiple accounts


We added a new employee to our NewRelic account via the Users and roles page. The user can authenticate via the SSO screen from , but NewRelic then presents them with “Single Sign-On authentication succeeded but no matching user exists for this account. Please contact your administrator.”

one pattern that’s common between the users in trouble, is that all of them belong to multiple NR accounts.

  1. TEST-AE and PROD-AE (which are under the Analytics Portal master account)
  2. NR instance we created from Cloud console

Until yesterday, when we logged in with our company password (SAML auth), we were seeing all the accounts listed and able to switch… However, that’s not the case any more


Hey @fengyuel - I see you have a Support ticket open with us at the moment as well - I’m going to work with @sreddy1 here internally to follow up with you there in that ticket.