Standard account - Use "Read Only" role

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We have subscribed to New Relic about a year ago, and it looks like the way user management work has changed since.
I recall in the past being able to create a Group, associate permissions to that group, and then put users in this group. With a Standard account, I don’t think I am able to do this.

My requirement is simple : I would like to create a Read Only account which has access to the Infrastructure (Hosts objects), and be able to view each of them (the Memory, CPU etc. graph available on those).
From what I read on Tutorial on managing accounts and users | New Relic Documentation, and Standard account, it looks like I simply can’t. The type of user has to be “Full User” otherwise it doesn’t have Infrastructure access. But then I can’t assign any roles or groups to this user, appart from the ones I created a year ago (unfortunately, no read-only there…)

Do you have any suggestion on how to perform such action?

Thank you!

Hey there @patrice.lassalle1,

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I see you are wanting to have a user associated to the organization that is “read-only” so that they can view dashboards and metrics for your infrastructure agent without actually being able to alter or modify any of it. I believe this doc here can help get you started on that journey. I have linked directly to our roles section of this doc and in this you can see there is a read only user option.

This document will walk you through how to set a users role so that they have the right permissions for what they need. Please let me know if you were able to accomplish your goals with this and if not we will continue to provide you support.

We hope to hear from you soon, have a great day!

Hello Michael,

Thank you for your message.
From what I understand from the docs (especially Tutorial on managing accounts and users | New Relic Documentation), it looks like I’m supposed to see this “Group Access”, but I can’t. I only have “Access grants & groups”, “Roles” and “Accounts 1”. I’m connected as an Admin - Full Platform user.

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Hey there @patrice.lassalle1,

I appreciate you reaching back out. I did look over this again and I was unable to even see access to this in your account. I do know that the tutorial you linked states that it is only available to Pro and Enterprise accounts and not Standard accounts. I believe this may be the reason you no longer see this but I am creating a case with our support engineers in the accounts space to help look into it further.

They will reach out via email shortly so please keep an eye out for that. If you have any other questions please let us know and we will be happy to help. I hope you have a great day!