Standard Plan with Annual commitment discount

Hi there,

We had a special deal with new relic base on the number of hosts, right now this doesn’t suit us anymore as we are not using newrelic as much as we used to.

I was checking the other options such as CU based and Data ingestion based plans, but it’s not clear still what’s the best option for us.

We have roughly 250 GB data ingestion every month with 16 hosts and 34.9 k CU. Could you please help us on which option is the best one for us? as pricing in NewRelic is very complicated.

So far I found that a normal standard plan might be suitable for us, but couldn’t find any discount for an annual commitment on top of that.

@bersam.karbasion Thank you fro your questions. I’m going to route this to our customer advocate team since they are better equipped to work through these details with you. They will be in contact via email.

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Hi Joi,

Is there any update on this request? We are trying to reach a decision before our next subscription to either change our plan or cancel it.


@bersam.karbasion It looks like you’ve been in contact with one of our customer advocates since your last post. Hope you get the information you need to make a decision. Thanks!