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Start Here: New Relic Certification Virtual Classroom 🎓



Become a New Relic Certified Performance Pro :heavy_check_mark:

New Relic University
wants to help you take the next step in your career. Our Certified Performance Pro program will help you build the foundation to become an expert New Relic APM user. Once you pass the certification assessment, you’ll gain an official New Relic Certified Performance Pro certification and shareable badge (issued through Accredible) which you can use to promote yourself to relevant communities, on LinkedIn, and right here in the Explorers Hub!

This Is Your Virtual Classroom :mortar_board:

Here in the Explorers Hub, we want to help each and every one of you prep for the exam. Consider this your virtual classroom! We’ve laid out all the video and resources you’ll need to ace the exam. Review the materials in this category, and feel free to ask your questions by commenting on any post. We’re here to make sure your questions get answered before your big day, and no question is too small.

Ready to dive in? Here’s our recommended viewing list:

Ready for the Exam? :memo:

Once you’ve studied up, take the exam!

Additional Certification Resources

November 3, 2017—Post of the Week: Alerts, Browser, Java and more!
Sept. 29, 2017 Post of the Week! NRQL, Angular/Browser, Radar and Baseline Alerts!


I got my cert but whats the limited edition swag? Clicking it reveals no secret :wink:


Would also be useful to know when the limited edition swag ends :wink:

Took it when this was first posted and failed. Need to swot up a bit then :nerd:


Good questions! Sorry we missed those details @stefan_garnham and @todd_preece!

What’s the SWAG? Certification socks!

Anyone who passes their certification exam in October will get a pair. We’ll be sending them out in early November.


Congrats on becoming certified @todd_preece! :tada:

Register for the October 26th Certification Prep Webinar!

Pure awesome-ness. How did you know I loved socks? Ahhhhh Seymour.


3rd times the charm apparently.

Just a few bits of feedback:

  • It is not immediately obvious from the question wording for one of the alert ones if you are trying to add a new type of channel or add a channel to an alert policy.
  • In almost all of the click and select ones, because of the window size it is not immediately obvious that you can actually scroll on the picture. This in particular led me to miss a few things on attempts one and two.
  • Label creation, how doth it even work? ¯_(ツ)_/¯
  • An hour and half is very generous :stuck_out_tongue:


Congrats, @AdamSocs! Thanks for the feedback. Our intent with the 90-minute time limit is to give people time to look up information in the documentation, or to try things in the UI. This is very much an open-book test. :slight_smile:


Congrats @AdamSocs! :confetti_ball: This is my new favorite quote:

Label creation, how doth it even work? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

And we really appreciate the feedback!


Hi - I’ve taken the test twice and failed it twice now. I will also like to point out that some of the pictures used are not very clear. I have the browser maximised on a 22" widescreen monitor and I couldn’t see the transaction names for the Slow Query question specifically.


Great input, @stefan_garnham! Let’s loop in @philweber regarding the pictures being unclear. :thumbsup:

The certification is challenging! It is ok that you needed a few tries—I also have failed twice! I hope you are learning in the process, that is the most important thing!

Two events that will help you, and everyone, prepare for the next time you take the assessment are coming up:

Our next Prep Course webinar is on October 26th! This covers most of the questions that come up in the quiz/assessment.

You will also have the chance to ask @philweber all of your questions during our special “Certification Test Prep” Coffee Chat the day before the prep course on October 25th! Join us! It will be like a special study group!


I wish i would have written down some of the questions i feel were a little bit convoluted. but i think the image thing already mentioned would help.

Overall I can’t wait now to get a pair of nice newrelic socks…yup im a data nerd and i love to show it!


Hi New Relic Folks,

Cool idea on the cert! I’ve taken it twice, however on the second go - after receiving a passing score - I never received any type of confirmation of the certification being completed. Is there a way to verify if my account has been credited? I’m hesitant to take it a third time due to fear of the same thing occurring again.



Hi, @jlove: Congratulations on passing the exam! At the moment, we still have to send out certificates manually (we’re working on automating it). It’s just Monday morning here; the person who sends out the certificates is probably just finishing his morning coffee. Please stand by, and let us know if you haven’t received your certificate by tomorrow. Thanks!


Congratulations @josue.tello and @jlove - Get ready for socks!


Sock Update! We just got the physical sample from the company and we can’t WAIT to wear these:

It’s not too late for you! You have 4 days left to finish that exam!


I just took the assessment from this page and got pass %. What is the next step?


Hi, @nethaji: Congratulations on passing the exam! We are still in the process of automating the sending of certificates. You should receive an email with your certificate within 1 business day.

New Relic Certification Challenge Wrap Up

I pass certification exam, but nothing happened… Black transparent window in Chrome and FireFox. I check it two time and can see only this, any notifiaction on my email and so on… What’s wrong?