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Stored procedures in Dashboard




I’d like to add top 10 stored procedures ( Which are taking longer) in a dashboard and would like to filter with the app name. Could you please let me know if that is possible?

If yes, please do let me know the query to create the dashboard.



Hi, @pullaraon: Individual database queries are not sent to Insights by default. They are, however, visible in APM. You can add a chart to a dashboard by hovering your mouse cursor under the chart and selecting “Add to an Insights dashboard”:


Hi @philweber
Thanks for letting me know. If I add this way I"ll be able to identify only the procedure duration/performance but I won’t be able to see in which application it is taking time. Can you please let me know if there’s a way to add these to insights dashboard and tag the app names to these so that I’ll be having a better view and immediately jump into DB and check for any issues.



You have several options:

  • If you only have a few applications (say, 5 or 6), you can copy the above chart from each application to an Insights dashboard and edit the chart title to include the application name. Then if you see that a particular query is consuming a lot of time, you can look at the chart
    title and see which application it is;

  • Insights records the total database time per transaction, so you can create a chart based on the following query:

    SELECT average(databaseDuration)
    FROM Transaction
    FACET appName, name

    That will show you which applications and transactions are consuming the most database time. If any of them are too high, you can go to the Databases page for that application to see which queries are taking time;

  • Finally, you can modify your code to time each query and send the duration to Insights as a custom event.


Thank you so much for the info @philweber