Strange Billing (Users and Data)

we have a few questions about things that really confuse us.

  1. how is it that we are “suddenly” above the free data volume. Our business is in low season right now and the free tier has been sufficient for quite some time.
  2. the message that the free tier of 100GB was exhausted reached us on 11.3. now, on 13.3. another 50GB are already “ingested”. This seems unlikely and I can’t find a way to check the incoming data (from where, when?).
  3. see screenshot: We have 1 full user. But calculated (month-to-date) are 3. But the total is 99$ (With 3 I would expect 297) But concretely we expect 0$ (1 full user included).

Thanks and regards

In my opinion, the billing is simply wrong. And that is an unacceptable state.
We are lost here, while trying hard to stay at newrelic.

updated screenshot to clarify
Please help.

Hi @philipp, Welcome to the Explorers Hub! I have reached out to our account team to assist you with this. They will follow up shortly by email to assist you with this.

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any news?

Thanks and regards.

@philipp Looks like @nmcnamara already opened a ticket for you on this and that you are working with our support team. Thanks!


could you please provide a link to the ticket or similar, because I can’t find anything?

Thanks and regards

@philipp I will DM you the ticket information.