Subscription usage problem

Hi folks,

Recently we moved from a host-based subscription to a Compute Units subscription. We are using Amazon ECS to deploy our containers.

I’ve properly counted CU usage and bought a subscription for 3500 Compute Units. But every time when we deploy a new app revision our CU usage add 2500 CU. For example, we had 2500 usage -> deployed new revision -> now we see 5000 CU usage on the subscription page.

When I click on Learn more I see a page “Overall subscription usage”. And this page shows only 2,37k average usage.

I don’t want to get an invoice for a couple of thousands of dollars at the end of the month.

Help me fix this problem.

@volodymyr.zahorniak Indeed this is quite a problem. Reached out to our account team to get in contact with you asap!