Suddenly alert-slack is not work

Suddenly new-relic are not sent alert by slack. (email is well. problem is only slack)
I did try send test-message on this site then slack are get a message.
But events are fired then could not get a message

Hi there @hiphapis - Thanks for posting! To get a better understanding of what you are experiencing, it would be great to get a link to the policy that you are not receiving Slack notifications for. That way we can dig around the setup and see if we can find the cause.

Hello i have the same issue and this is my policy link:

Hi @vic:

It looks like you have several conditions on this policy so I can’t tell at a glance which one failed to make to your Slack Channel. If you could provide a link to the incident that should have made it but failed to reach your Slack channel it will be easier to track down what is happening and I can look into this for you. Thank you!