Suddenly stopped receiving any email alerts

Hi there,

After a temporary failure on my mail server, newrelic ceased to send alerts (including text messages) active users.

Because the Newly added users and also active users, with no failure on the mail server (use a different email domain) alert successfully receive.
Probably in newrelic some email were placed in a black list
How can I pass a list of email addresses, if my account is unavailable newrelic support?

Thanks in advance,
Petr (

Hi @psheshenya - it looks like your email ended up on our suppression list from this event. I have removed your email from that list and you should be receiving email again.

Thank you!


We are having the same issue where we are no longer receiving email alerts.

Could you please check if my team and I have been included in the suppression lists. If so, please remove us from the suppression list.


Hi @gail.concepcion, welcome to the Explorers Hub! I have looked into this for you and it appears that you were not on the suppression list. I would suggest reading through the documentation for email preferences and double checking your settings.

If the issue persists or if you have further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Hi @nmcnamara thanks, I have reset our emails and we are able to successfully receive the test emails, but we are not receiving emails of alerts from policies that were violated. I have reset some of the policies and have tested, but still not getting an email. I’m not sure what else to try. Please help us resolve this.

@gail.concepcion I’m asking our support team to look into this further via a support ticket since some of the information needed will be PII. Expect an email from them soon.