Suddenly unable to access data

Previously, as a basic user, I was able to access APM -> SLAs for our various instances.

Suddenly, I am unable to access much of anything at all.

This change of ability was unannounced, severely impacts my ability to use New Relic and is an obvious price gouge to enhance New Relic revenue.

Furthermore, when I attempted to access the support search once I was logged in to find info about what changed, it opens but then crashes with “Oops, something went wrong”. That is not acceptable for an app that is supposed to help us prevent exactly the sort of error the app itself is experiencing.

As such, I will be recommending to our VP of product development that we not renew our contract with your organization.

Greg Gray, Development Manager, Spear Education LLC


I have the same problem

@ggray and @daraujo There was this recent change for basic users which may be the cause of what you are seeing regarding your access: