"Sum of query results" bulk conversion tool now available!

As part of the EOL of “sum of query results” thresholds (coming on 30 June, 2022 and mentioned in this announcement and also in this more focused announcement), today we are releasing a bulk conversion tool for “sum of query results” conditions, to help convert them to Sliding Windows Aggregation alert conditions.

You will be able to find this tool using the following steps:

  1. Go to Apps at the top-left of the main page, and click View all Apps

  2. Click Go to New Relic I/O

  3. Search for eol and you will find the tool (the full name is Sum of Query Results EOL Conversion Tool)

NOTE: Users without “Admin” or “Nerdpack Manager” permissions on the account will be unable to install the app. Users who do not have permission to edit alert conditions will not be able to run the app.

Once you’ve found it and started it running, although it is a simple tool to use, you may want to read through some documentation. I have posted the documentation below.

The “Sum of Query Results” EOL Conversion Tool is a New Relic One application that will list out all of your conditions using a “Sum of query results” threshold and allow you to access them one-at-a-time or convert them to conditions that use Sliding Windows Aggregation (SWA).

Pre-loading conditions

When you start the tool, it will pre-load all alert conditions using “Sum of query results” thresholds in all your account(s). This may take a few moments.

Filter by account

All accounts are selected by default. Use the account dropdown to deselect one or multiple accounts. This will filter the list to only show conditions from the selected account(s).

Filter by policy

All policies are selected by default. Use the policy dropdown to deselect one or more policies. This will filter the list to only show conditions from the selected policy or policies.

Filter by condition

Use the search field to type in a whole or partial condition name. The list will adjust to only show conditions that match the text you enter.

Click on any condition name to visit that condition

If you’d like to examine a specific condition, clicking on the condition name will open the edit screen for that condition.

Select conditions

Clicking on any checkbox will select or deselect a condition. If you click the top checkbox in the checkbox column (farthest to the left), you will select all displayed conditions.

Migrate the conditions

Once you have the conditions selected that you want to migrate to Sliding Windows Aggregation, click the “Migrate” button. Once your conditions have been migrated, a success message will appear, and you will be given the option to download a list in CSV format of all conditions that were converted.

If any conditions fail to migrate (this is unlikely †), we recommend manually migrating in the UI using the instructions from this post. If the issue is with aggregation method not being selected and evaluation offset being too large, use the Match Current Values option and adjust the problematic field, which will be highlighted in red.

† Failure modes (conversion will fail if any of these are not met):

  1. Original Window Duration must be greater than or equal to 1/120 original Threshold Duration
  2. Original values of Window Duration and Threshold Duration must have a common denominator greater than or equal to 30 seconds
  3. If Aggregation Method is not selected, (Evaluation Offset * Window Duration) must be less than 3600 seconds

:new: Secret NEW feature :new:
You only need to load the migration tool and open your browser’s console (filter on info) to get an estimate of what will happen when you do click ‘migrate’.
For example:

50 accounts found
0 conditions will have to be migrated manually
220 conditions found
94 policies found

Fancy! I love this. Thanks so much for helping to spread the work @lionel.giavelli !

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I cannot seem to find this tool…Is there somewhere specific I should be looking

I’m not finding the tool either when searching.

Hi @sriram.sathyamoorthy

You can find the app under Apps in the UI. I found it on your account by doing this:

@steven.murray I found a link you can use. Please give this a shot (this link will only work for you): https://onenr.io/0LREAvkD5Ra


Thank you, @Fidelicatessen. I found the app, but is only possible to add it to 2 of our 6 accounts. Cannot add it to our PROD accounts.


Hi Steven, it appears you’re not an administrator on the other accounts, please have an admin or ‘nerdpack manager’ enable the app on all accounts, then you’ll be able to use it.
Also, I see WaldenU has a total of 22 accounts, so if you could bubble this up so all accounts are covered, that would be great.

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I am also not able to view the bulk conversion app in the Apps menu item. I should have the appropriate access privileges across the accounts in our partnership.

Similarly I don’t see the “Instant Observability” menu option pointed out in the blog post.

Please assist!

Hi @tom.gaylor

You’re correct about the “Instant observability” thing – I think they changed the UI about 5 minutes after I took that screenshot. I have changed the instructions above to refer to Apps instead. It also requires a few more clicks now than it did a couple of months ago, so I have revised the instructions above to include all of the steps needed.

For the other problem, I’ve let @lgiavelli know – he’s the expert in this tool and should be able to help out.

Hi @tom.gaylor ,
I recorded a 40 seconds video showing the steps.
please see here


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@lgiavelli, ty for this. I had the admin install the app and even though I could see it, I couldn’t run it. When he ran the app against the accounts, it’s showing 0 Policies even though we have ~50 policies. Does this mean we have 0 policies containing the Sum of Query option enabled? Just confirming if the tool is working correctly, as am expecting to see the policies in the drop down list:


Does this mean we have 0 policies containing the Sum of Query option enabled?

Yes, that is exactly correct. The tool only searches for “sum of” conditions and the policies that contain them. If it finds 0 policies on any given account, it means there is no work to do on that account!

@Fidelicatessen, perfect! Thanks for the confirmation.

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Hey @steven.murray,

Please reach out if we can be of help with anything else or if you have further questions. I hope you have a great day!

I had this really interesting issue i noticed.
I migrated one of our alerts using the tool (THanks for the link to the tool, BTW)
The migrated alert seems to be showing the same data as the original alert…
BUT the time zone on the migrated alert is 2 hours behind the original alert.
Any idea why it’s showing this interesting behavior?


I’m glad you’re finding the bulk tool useful!

the time zone on the migrated alert is 2 hours behind the original alert.

This sounds like something our support department should investigate. The converted alert condition should behave identically to the old one.