Sum vs count function on an attribute

Hi, This might be a basic question but trying to get some clarity around this.
How is the sum(provider.4xxError.Sum) and count(provider.4xxError.Sum) are working in new relic?

at a specific point, the sum is showing as 687 (12:33 - 12:34 pm) but the count is showing as 301; on what basis it is adding up the sum? and what are the remaining results it is considering?

Hi, @suraj.koditala1: count() tells you how many values there are; sum() adds them together.

Thanks Phil; May I know what values this attribute - PROVIDER.COUNT. SUM
is returning from apigateway?

Please see Amazon API Gateway monitoring integration | New Relic Documentation. The Count metric returns the number of calls to API methods.

Thanks again, Phil, will see.

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