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Super slow 4-5x times slower than have no php agent


I have a heavy wordpress site, it loads a page in roughly 1 second on development, no newrelic.

on production, its using the latest 9.2 newrelic agent. and oops, 5.5 seconds load time for the same page. all the execution time is in php - as shown by … yes … nr. I wish it would just say ‘oops nr is eating 90% of your CPU, perhaps we better disabled ourself’.

disable the agent, and we’re back around the 1 second.

php 7.3 , latest wordrpess, big everything - big database, lots of plugins, documents, users.

I’d never seen performance fall off the cliff like that before. Not sure when newrelic introduced my performance drop, whether it was the 9.x release or some other time. but it’s super super super slow.

ps. this is the messiest forum software I’ve ever is this ‘help, my app is crashing’ nonesense


time for me to check newrelic competitors me thinks, this is too slow and bloated now.


Hi @sfarrell - I’m happy to get our PHP Support Engineers to help take a look at this for you.

I will note that our policy with all agents is to first do no harm. We estimate no more than a 5% performance hit for our agents and in the vast majority of cases this is is far less than 5%. So I will apologise for the fact that currently it appears our agent has had such a negative impact.

This could be expected when there are so many WP Plugins and large databases. That amount of instrumentation can never be impactless - but you’re right to believe that 4-5x is not acceptable.

With all of that said, I’m perhaps the furthest thing from a PHP Expert - So I’m going to open a ticket for you to work with our Tech Support Team.

They will likely need a couple of things, so to get ahead of that, could you ensure you have a link to the application in New Relic, a set of the most verbose logs you can collect, and any additional data you have to confirm the large drop in your apps performance


so what’s next ? what do I click ?


@sfarrell The ticket I have created for you is: #372735 - you should have received an email about that - but if not you can add the extra detail I requested over at: