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Support Changes for Silver Customers



We know that you rely on our Global Technical Support team to make the most of New Relic. We also know that you prefer to find answers yourself, and get right back to the work you’re doing. So, we’re changing the way you work with our Support team, and we want to make sure that you know what to expect.

Beginning on July 16, 2019, product support for our Silver Tier will be available exclusively here, in the Explorers Hub.

While we’re changing where you get support, you can rest assured that our global team of Support Engineers will work with you to get your questions answered in the community. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Every question about a supported product receives assistance.
  • If your issue requires the sharing of private or sensitive information, we will move your case to a private case.
  • If you experience a critical issue that is impacting your business, click on the “Help my App is Crashing” button when creating your topic. We’ll prioritize your issue.
  • If you have a question about your account, such an account ownership change or password reset, you can open a ticket directly from the Support Center.
  • You can find more information about support options on our website.

By working with our customers in the community, the answers we find together are available for every customer so we can all learn, faster.

We look forward to working with you in the Explorers Hub!

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Not able to create a support ticket

In other words, despite price increases and reduced functionality (losing infrastructure to a paid add-on), having silver tier isn’t enough to make it worthwhile for new relic to provide support, so in a cost cutting measure we can now just use the forum. Please just tell it like it is.


Hi Courtney -

I want to assure you that all customers, regardless of their tier do still get support, it’s just that the location of that support has changed. You’ll see in the Silver Tier ‘benefits’ list that Silver users get an initial response time of 2 business days. That is the same in the Explorers Hub as it was in Support Tickets, it is simply the location change.

We have a team dedicated to running the Explorers Hub, that is @hross @Linds @ebeach and @RyanVeitch (myself). We work to ensure that our Technical Support Engineers spend time in the Explorers Hub, and we send them the community posts that need replies every day. And so customer questions do still get answered by the support team experts.

With that said - should a support case require sharing private information, we can open a support ticket from any Explorers Hub thread.

There are 2 primary goals here. 1 - To try to foster an environment where customers have a platform to help each other (that is, before Support Engineers get a chance to help out too).
and 2. to ensure we have more answers to customers questions shared publicly. We, as technical people, understand that like-minded users like to research and solve their own questions. And so ensuring that there are many publicly shared answers to the customer questions is the best way to help in that endeavour.

Regardless of whether you’re in the Explorers Hub, or in a private ticket, your support experience with New Relic should still be the same. We still want to help you get the answers you need. And we still have experts in the Support Team on hand to help with that.

At the end of all this, I understand that this is a change in the support process you are used to. That is always going to be somewhat of a frustration. Hopefully though, this does clear up some of that, such that you know and trust that you can still get answers here in the Explorers Hub.

Feel free to send me a DM here if you’d like to chat further and provide any further feedback.


Exactly right, more of the same. Time to move