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Support for Connector to Data Studio?



I am just wondering if there is any existing connector to Google’s Data Studio from the New Relic API. If not, are there any plans to develop and support one?

Heres the link to other connectors available:



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We take feature ideas seriously and our product managers review every one when plotting their roadmaps. However, there is no guarantee this feature will be implemented. This post ensures the idea is put on the table and discussed though. So please vote and share your extra details with our team.


Hey @amable - We don’t currently have a connector for the Google Data Studio, though I can convert this post into a feature idea and get that request filed internally for you. :smiley:


Excelent Ryan, hopefully we will get one soon :slight_smile:


We’ll try to keep this thread updated if we learn more on this internally :smiley:


Hello Ryan, it’s been a while, have we gotten any traction on this?


I don’t see anything right now - we’ll update this thread when we have more information though :smiley:


Hello guys, i’ve found this topic after look for a official New Relic Connector for GDD.

Since a i didn’t find and it seem’s like no is not being developed at the moment, i’ve decided to give it a try and create and unofficial community connector.

Since my use case was only to get some violations data from the REST API and built a dashboard with metrics like MTTR, i’ve only implemented some GET end points.

It’s an Open Source Connector, so you are more than welcome to help out and implement any other end point that you may need.

At this point my PR is under review to be merged on Google Community Connectors repository on Github.

But it can be used already, just follow the README steps:

Hope it helps.


That is awesome @claytondev1
Thank you for not only working on that, but providing it open to the community :smiley:

Once your PR to the Google Repo is merged and approved, feel free to DM me, we can help you get your work added to the #build-on-new-relic space in the community :smiley: