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Support for Ruby/JRuby 1.x is being deprecated in Ruby Agent 4.0.0


Starting with New Relic Ruby Agent version 4.0.0 (expected end of February 2017), the Ruby agent will support Ruby 2.0 and JRuby 9.0 and up, and will no longer support Ruby versions prior to 2.0, JRuby 1.7 and earlier, and all versions of Rubinius. 3.x versions of the New Relic Ruby Agent will continue to support these older versions of Ruby and JRuby, so customers running those agents will not experience any interruptions, but New Relic will not be releasing any new features, patches, or security fixes for 3.x agent versions.

Ruby 1.9.x reached EOL and stopped receiving security fixes in February of 2015 and JRuby 1.7.x reached EOL as of Dec 31, 2016. If you’re running a Ruby application on a Ruby version prior to 2.0 or JRuby 1.7.x, you should strongly consider upgrading to the latest version of Ruby/JRuby and the New Relic Ruby Agent to ensure you are optimally running and monitoring your applications. Optionally, you may remain on New Relic Ruby Agent 3.x. If you choose this option, we recommend that you update the gem version specifier in your Gemfile to only allow versions less than 4.0, i.e.:
gem 'newrelic_rpm', '< 4.0'

If you have any questions relating to the deprecation of these versions of Ruby, please comment here. Thanks!

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New Relic Ruby Agent version 4.0.0 is out! Check out the release notes for complete details, including important information on deprecated APIs that were removed in this release.