Support for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS needed

When I try to install newrelic agent on an Ubuntu 22.04 LTS server, it reports such error: We encountered an issue during the installation: there is no newrelic infrastructure agent available for the distribution 'jammy'. But agent for Ubuntu 20.04 just works fine on Ubuntu 22.04. When will Ubuntu 22.04 get officially supported?


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As of now, the Infrastructure agent supports these operating systems up to their manufacturer’s end-of-life. Ubuntu 22.04 is not on that list, which is why you see the error.

Support for AL2022, RedHat 9 and Ubuntu 22.04 are planned for this quarter but I don’t have the ETA that I can provide you.

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I changed the code name in /etc/lsb-release from jammy to focal, and the installing script just works. Is it okay?

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That’s interesting did it work for you?

Are you able to see these data for the host?

I will try this out today and will check if it works fine.

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we installed this package on Ubuntu 22.04 manually but are not seeing process data. Are you seeing process data?

Yes, and I can see all logs in newrelic dashboard.

Yes, it works for me. I can see everything I need such as logs, CPU info, network info, memory info, etc.

I think you should use the installation script instead of directly installing the package as the script will automatically configure the newrelic daemon.

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Thank you for letting us know that you are able to see all the data you need. Please let us know if you need any help with anything else.

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Hey @vhenrique any ETA for this update?

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Currently I do not have an ETA for the update but will follow up with our engineers to see if we have a timeline we can share. When we know we will get a response out to you so you are in the loop. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help with in the mean time!

Here the auto-installer also fails:

Running 22.04 LTS server.

What exactly did you do in order to get the logs working?

I used the auto-installer as other users here, and it’s reporting logs-install as failed, and I’m not getting logs.


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It looks like @StarOnTheSky changed the code name from jammy to focal and they were able to get the installation script to work. Please reach out if you have further questions regarding this or need more assistance, we are more than happy to help!

Yeah, not a solution which I prefer :slight_smile: .
Better to have native support for 22.04 LTS.


This. Mucking with the lsb-release on a production system isn’t ideal and can have weird consequences. This really needs native support.


Any idea if the name change is strictly needed after installation, or, can we revert it back to jammy after the installation script is ran?

  1. change the codename from jammy to focal
  2. run the install script
  3. change the codename back to jammy

While I agree that waiting for native support is the best I was just clarifying what StarOnTheSky had done as a workaround. While the team is still working on support for this I do not have any details on when we can expect this. We appreciate your patience while we continue to provide support.

Okay, I think native support is available now.