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Support Ticket Inbox is down



I cannot access the support ticket inbox to raise a ticket, I saw this last night and again this morning:

Is it down for everyone? If just for me how can I get it working?


Hi - I tried it just now and could access my Ticket Inbox. Are you sure you are logged in if you are going directly via a bookmark?


Hi Stefan,
Yep, I’m definitely logged in, I missed showing that in my screenshot:

I’m in Firefox. I also tried in a private browsing session and see the same.


Try logging out of your session, clearing your Internet cache and cookies, then log in again?

Otherwise, you will have to hope @RyanVeitch, @hross or @Linds are available to assist soon :slight_smile:


Using a Firefox private browsing session should be the equivalent of that. I’ll give it a go in Chrome as well! (fingers crossed)


It’s working fine in Chrome, I’ll just use that


Thanks for the report You are the second person to report weird Firefox behavior. Can you share which version you’re using?


Hi - our team is working on troubleshooting the issue. It would be very helpful if you could generate a HAR file from that page. Is that something you might be able to do?


For the Firefox version I see this:

I’m happy to try the HAR thing, but not sure how to do that. Do you have instructions?

In case it’s of help, I see the following on the console when trying to go to the tickets:


To generate the HAR file for Firefox

  1. Open Firefox and go to the page where you are experiencing trouble.
  2. Select the Firefox menu (three horizontal parallel lines) at the top-right of your browser window, then select Web Developer > Network .
  3. The Developer Network Tools opens as a docked panel at the side or bottom of Firefox. Click the Network tab.
  4. The recording autostarts when you start performing actions in the browser.
  5. Once you have reproduced the issue and you see that all of the actions have been generated in the Developer Network Panel (should just take a few seconds), right-click anywhere under the File column and click on Save all as Har .
  6. Save the HAR file somewhere convenient.
  7. Upload your HAR file to your ticket or attach it to your email so that we may analyze it.

Also, you may want to update your browser:


Thanks @philweber and - I’ll take what Daniel has given me so far to the team. If you do generate a HAR file - let me know!