Surprise billing


I need to talk about my bill.
I just have found out that I’m been charged by use.
I would like to talk to support, can anybody help me?

Hi @gabriel.bianchi1 -

We definitely want to help you get sorted as quickly as possible. Technical support can’t help you with your billing issues directly, but we can get you connected to the team who can. Hang tight and be on the lookout for an email from us.

A have a ticket opened a few weeks, but anybody answer me.
Could anybody help me?

@gabriel.bianchi1 I can understand how frustrating the wait must be. There can usually be a delay around the start of the month as it’s a new billing period. You should get a reply from us soon.

Nobody has answered me yet.
Please, I need help to solve my problem.
Request #433469

@gabriel.bianchi1 I’m sorry for the delay on this, I have flagged this internally with our Billing team so you should expect a response soon.