SwiftUI screen tracking

Has anyone used NewRelic for tracking views in SwiftUI?

I have some ideas about how it might work but if there’s something out there that’s been proven out I’d love to hear about it.

Since the SwiftUI framework is dynamically linked, there could be issues communicating with the statically linked New Relic SDK.

Agent instrumentation is built off the objective-c runtime which dynamically looks up function pointers. Swift is statically called, and bypasses the objective-c runtime completely

The usual recommendation to Swift view controllers is to add @objc to their class.

We are building using “pure” SwiftUI so the issue we are trying to solve is different. There are, more or less, no ViewControllers involved at all. We can emulate viewWillAppear and viewDidDisappear type behavior with SwiftUI APIs. The question is has anyone done this yet? Is there a right way or are we making it up as we go?