Switch account from US datacenter to EU

the account 1768159 is using currently the US datacenter. we’d like to move it to the EU datacenter. I couldn’t find any documentation on how to do this.

@refusion I confirmed with our account team that it isn’t possible to switch accounts between US and EU data centers given the various data information laws. I’m sure that isn’t what you wanted to hear.

Here is a doc explaining more about our data centers: https://docs.newrelic.com/docs/using-new-relic/welcome-new-relic/get-started/our-eu-us-region-data-centers

thanks joi for your quick response. I’ve already seen the data center docs.

if we do not care about the application’s historical data, is it then possible to move the customer account to the EU? would kinda be annoying having to cancel the subscriptions just to move the customer’s account to the EU center…

That’s a great question! There are a few details to discuss so I’m going to DM you to discuss further. :slight_smile:

Adding a plus one here for account migration from US to EU for those of us who work in the EU but had accounts prior to the EU data center being set up. It should be possible to get a formal agreement that the data in the US can be migrated to the EU without breaking EU data protection rules. The customer would be responsible for that migration, not New Relic, based on the data they have stored.

Agreed, Stefan! There are some feature ideas in place for this ability. I’ll get you added on to that. :slight_smile:


Hi, I would like to do the same. What is the best procedure for this?

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Hi @martin.schneider, I have looked into this internally and there is no update as it does not seem like something that will be implemented anytime soon, if at all.

When we get responses like this, I sometimes wish there was a downvote option. It is exceedingly disappointing that New Relic listened to customers on their requirements to have EU hosted solutions to meet GDPR and other security requirements we have to meet - yet have not thought this through on supporting account migration.

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