Switching between accounts in different data regions

Hello folks, Hunter here from New Relic Support’s Account-Security team.

Perhaps you have a few new relic accounts within your organization that utilize both EU and US data regions. If so, you might have found that it can be fairly cumbersome or confusing to switch between these accounts.

The behavior you may encounter is:

  • Log in to an account hosted in the US region
  • from the account picker menu in new relic, choose an account that is hosted in the EU region
  • you’ll see that you’ll be redirected to our login page but logging in may just land you back in the same US account

This behavior is because US and EU accounts utilize different endpoints to access new relic; additionally US and EU accounts cannot share the same login pathway for this reason.

The simple solution is to modify your new relic url in order to access the accounts for a given data region:

  • If you need to access accounts within the US region, use this URL: one.newrelic.com
  • if you need to access accounts within the EU region, use this URL: https://one.eu.newrelic.com/

NOTE: As a best practice we recommend keeping US and EU accounts in separate new relic organizations, however some new relic customers with more complex account set ups might require keeping both US and EU accounts in one single organization for billing consolidation purposes.

If you’d like to know more about account data regions and organization structures, please check out these supporting docs: