Switching from a single host to kubernetes increases our cost, any ideas?

Currently we are migrating from a single big server to a kubernetes environment where we have many hosts. Say we are going from 1 big host to 10 small hosts. Our traffic is pretty much the same but now our new relic cost is now 10x.

Any ideas on how to keep the bill under control?


Hello, @haluk: If you have not already done so, you might take a look at compute-unit pricing, in which you are charged based on the size of each host, and the number of hours it connects to New Relic during the month.


Hi @haluk,

Did you manage to figure the reason for the cost increase? I am facing a similar issue. Could you share how the hourly CUs for your containers are calculated?

Hi @gerry1 ,
We had to go pick an opensource solution for apm tracking.
We are running kubernetes on 14 hosts. So the price change was a lot for us.