Symbolicate crash reports on iOS

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My crash reports are not symbolicated correctly. I have the correct settings on my build and uploaded the right dsyms and still my reports look meaningless.

Please help!

Mariam Al Ethawy
iOS Developer at H-E-B

Hi @alethawy.mariam ,

The dSYM file actually includes these __hidden# values instead of the original method and class names. This is an issue relating to Apple’s symbol visibility control which hides implementation details by removing strings embedded for classes, methods, and filenames. Essentially, the symbols are stripped and replaced with __hidden# when the dSYM file is created.

Please confirm the following build settings have been applied to the application. Also, this dSYM upload deep-dive post in our community has addition information and tools on dSYMs and the upload process.

Debug Information Format : Dwarf with dSYM File
Strip Linked Product : Yes
Strip Style : All Symbols
Strip Debug Symbols During Copy :  No
Use Separate Strip : No
Symbols Hidden by Default: No

Thanks for the reply, I checked my build settings and both Strip Debug Symbols During Copy and Symbols Hidden by Default are set to Yes. Is that the issue? In the link you provided above its saying that it should be yes. Any idea?


@alethawy.mariam, have you tried to set them to No and how it did work?

Another thing you can try is to symbolicate the crash locally to confirm if the dsym file contains the hidden libraries.