Sync New Relic repo for internal version control

I have tried multiple ways to mirror the New Relic repo using rsync, wget, curl reposync and others. I keep getting various 404 errors which seems to point back to the way you are hosting the repos via Varnish. For internal version control for patching, it would be nice to easily sync the latest newrelic-infra-1.16.0-1..x86_64.rpm binaries for RedHat and SLES versions.*

I was trying a few different methods to sync these binaries and ran into various issues with each method I tried. I was hoping someone from your side might be able to help point me in the right direction that works for others. Can you help us understand how to mirror the various newrelic-infra-1.16. packages (or latest version) so we can pull them down to save in our internal repos for distribution?*