Synthetic API Test Script

Hi Team,

I have created API Test script in synthetic.In my script am doing API call through GET method and receving output as a XML and i want this response has to display in my new relic dashboard.
Please guide me on this.

Hi @Toshan.Mishra - There are several options to your question.

You can use the console.log method to output any response so that the information is stored against each monitor run in the script log.

You can add custom attributes to Synthetic tests which will record the response against the SyntheticCheck. You can then write a query to display this information on an Insights dashboard.

You could use the Insights API within your synthetic script to create a custom event which contains all the information, including the response, on an Insights dashboard.

Thanks stefan for your immediate reply… i got the solution and now am able to display the item in insights dashboard.
am able to convert xml to json and getting the expected value send the data to insights using $util.insigh.set

Now calling 2 REST API Call and getting 2 response from 2 application and i want to merge this 2 application response into single insight dashboard

API Synthetic Script -1 — GET Call - TestAPI-1 - It Gives response “Application1”
API Synthetic Script -2 — GET Call - Test API-2 - It Gives response “Hello”

For both call server name in common like - server A

Now i want to create a custom dash board into insights with this combination 2 output in one dashboard

Hi, @Toshan.Mishra: Please see my reply in your other thread:

In the future, please do not post the same question in multiple threads. Thank you!