Synthetic Check + NRQL Alerts not getting closed

Hello New Relic Explorers!

I’m using New Relic Alerts with NRQL, querying data from Synthetics with the following query:
SELECT count(result) FROM SyntheticCheck WHERE result = 'FAILED' AND monitorName = 'xyz'

On top of this I configure the monitor to trigger an ALARM only if the SUM result of the query is > 3 at least once in 5 minutes.

The Alarm works fine, but if the error on the site occurs for lets say 10 minutes and then disappears, the NRQL alarm will be still in progress even after an hour. And I have to manually close the violation. But the query editor shows that as well the incident went away and it shouldn’t be in critical state.

See the attached images below.

Did I miss something?

János Mikó


This is a result of the recent change to streaming alerts for NRQL conditions. This can be addressed by configuring a loss of signal threshold on your alert condition to close all current open violations if you don’t see a result that matches your query within a certain time period. Typically I recommend setting this to the same value as your “at least once in” setting, which would be 5 minutes based on your screenshot.