Synthetic monitor losing session aft DUO passthru

After logging into my application , DUO is called and if request is from internet additional steps are required to complete login. In my case, its not an internet request, so DUO passes thru to my application. But, after passthru, no objects can be found and the screen print show the DUO dialog box. I tried doing a $browser.get to same url, but it still fails.

@ted2005 DUO is a new one for me. Can you clarify which agent you are using?

DUO is from, we use the dual authentication API.

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Are you using a Scripted Browser type? Are you running this on a public or private minion?

You may want to try recording and playing back using selenium until you can get it working there. Then translate that to the synthetic.

I recorded with Katalan and converted to NEWRelic. Its still stopping after the DUO plugin runs. Im running this with private agent that accesses our network. DUO is working correct, it recognizes that that its not an internet request. The DUO plugin is being called in a frame. It runs then forwards to our home page. The NewRelic scripts doesn’t recognize the forward and stops. I am trying to create a request that has all needed cookies , so to bypass the login page and DUO.

When the synthetic runs on the NR infrastructure it’s going to be on the internet. Is that your problem?

You can also ask your devs for a test account that bypasses your DUO.

You can load cookies $browser.manage().addCookie .

The NR request is going to an agent that talks to our internal network. All accounts follow the same steps.

  1. login with id and pwd
  2. call DUO plugin(which is in a frame)
  3. Display DUO popup
  4. if it is not an internet request, forward to home page.

With the actual runtime for the synthetic coming from the internet (AWS) are you getting tripped up on number 4? I’m going to keep asking this because it’s not clear to me how internet vs not internet is working for you, but I do know that when the synthetic runs it s NOT running from your desktop or inside your company UNLESS you are running from a private synthetics minion.

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yes we are running from a private synthetics minion. On the monitor settings, it appears under “Private Locations”