Synthetic Monitoring - Scripted Browser - NTLM

I want to check the availability of an Webservice.
Normally I would use the Scripted API, but because I have to login by NTLM, this is not possible.
So I’m trying to catch the Response Code to check if it is different then 200.

This is my current script, to get something back from the logs.
$webDriver.get(“https://” + user + “:” + pwd + “@” + url).then(function(){
logs.forEach(function(log) {

This used to work, but recently something changed, and I get the following error:
Entry {
level: Level { name_: ‘WARNING’, value_: 900 },
message: ‘This version of ChromeDriver has not been tested with Chrome version 100.\n’,
timestamp: 1653318381005,
type: ‘’

Does anyone have a idea how I can get the response code from a scripted browser.

Hi @wim1 Welcome to the community!
Troubleshooting custom scripts is beyond support’s scope I’m afraid. However, I did some research and found some helpful content for your usecase. Please find the links below which have some guidance on obtaining the response code.

Hope it helps!