Synthetic Monitoring: What is an Response Code -3

What is the Response Code -3 in the attached image? I do not find a -3 in the full list of Synthetic Monitoring Response Codes

Ref: Synthetic monitoring response codes | New Relic Documentation

Hey @mdyer,

I found this post that explains this issue:

Let me know if this helps!


Thanks @dzevenbergen - yes - that points me in a direction. I think that NR Synthetic is cancelling the request after a timeout period (60s, I think).

The site we’re monitoring has a 55s !!! 95% percentile response time so all bets are off in terms of timeouts…

Thanks for explaining @mdyer! Let us know if you make any progress on this, we would be very interested to see a workaround!

In my case I’m connecting to a VERY poorly behaving API server. I’m seeing lots of 504, 503 and 502 errors. 95% request time is around 50s and many requests time out over 300s.

I think that the NR request doesn’t hang around for the full 300s - not sure if that’s configurable or not.

I’m also seeing -7s

Hey @mdyer,

For scripted checks on a public location, the maximum execution time of a check is 180 seconds before it hits a non-configurable global timeout: Simple, scripted, or scripted API (non-ping) errors | New Relic Documentation

All synthetic scripted monitors have a non-configurable maximum global 180s timeout for running a script.

If a script has not completed after 180 seconds, the job is terminated. If this happens consistently it could be a sign of a script that is taking too long to complete, or that the job is waiting an extended period of time while attempting to perform a scripted task.

Here’s a reference doc for Synthetics monitoring error codes: Synthetic monitoring response codes | New Relic Documentation

Let us know if you have any other questions.


@sudo - thanks for the reply. I had not seen the 180s…

You may want to update the linked Synthetic monitoring response codes document as it does not list a -3.

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