Synthetic script editor not working


the Synthetics script editor is not working at all for some reason as shown below.

browsers used : Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge
Cache: Application cache deleted.


Hi, @mohamed.elwekil1: I am not able to reproduce the problem, but you might try toggling the Show new view switch and see if it helps:

Hi Phil,

Thanks for your answer.

I have tried to enable the new view, it took me to the new page but it didn’t fetch any data as shown below.



I assume you are trying to edit an existing monitor? If so, please post your account ID and the name of the script. Only New Relic employees will be able to access it.

Yes, I was trying to edit an existing monitor.

account id: 2598312
script name: Safely Insured

Sorry, I still cannot reproduce the problem. I impersonated you, and was able to edit the script in both Firefox and Brave (a Chromium-based browser). Try again? Disable extensions? I don’t know what else to suggest.

It did take several seconds to load the script in Brave. You might try waiting a bit longer.

I have tried Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge and none of them worked for me.

but I was able to edit the script using Safari only for some reason.

Thanks for your help.

here are some more details from the console.

@mohamed.elwekil1 Thank you for the updated information here. Per what @philweber suggested, do you have any extensions running in some browsers that you could try disabling and see if that helps?

I also tried replicating this issue and was not able to. Though I did observe that when I first clicked on the Script tab for this monitor, the UI first displayed a white box as you noted and took a few seconds longer but eventually ended up loading your full script. This was using Chrome.

Have you tried waiting to see if the script will eventually load? Also, if you click on other tabs and then navigate back to the script, does it load eventually?

Thank you again,