Synthetic Simple Browser failing - warning dialog pop on page

Hi All,
I have one login page I am monitoring (or trying to) but the monitor fails seemingly because there is a warning dialog box that pops up when you visit the page. Any scripts already out there that address this? My searches are coming up empty. Thanks!

Additional info - found this in the resource js:

{if(window.location.href.match(/login/)){if(".").includes(“rhodiumimsgov”)){alert(“WARNING! - You are accessing an Information System that is subject to authorized use only.\n\nRhodium Platinum is subject to U.S. Government rules, regulations, laws, and policies.\n\nRhodium Platinum usage may be monitored, recorded, and subject to audit.\n\nUnauthorized use of this Information System is prohibited and subject to criminal and civil penalties.\n\nYou are required to acknowledge this message in order to access the Rhodium Platinum Cloud.\n\nIf you have accessed this site in error, close the browser window immediately.\n\nYour IP address information will be documented in our firewall logs and other auditing logs.\n”)}

How do I handle this alert?

Hi @support_omnigo there is an example of code here on how to interact with Alert popups in the UI, let me know if that helps :slight_smile:


Thanks @rdouglas I will try this out on Monday.

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Thanks @support_omnigo, let us know how it goes!

Still no luck on this… I am still researching

Hi @support_omnigo, I am not sure if you have already found a solution but wanted to share this Relic Solution - Scripted Browser Error Handling and Alerting on Step Failures post that explains how to bypass the existence of a modal overlay.
Let us know how it goes.

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Apologies for the delay here. I have not revisited this. No pressure from the team. I will look at this as soon as possible and report back.

Hi @support_omnigo !

Thank you for the update. Please let us know how this works out for you.