Synthetic tests failing to detect DOM elements in ReactJS based webpage

The synthetics browser tests are failing due to the UI not loading up on pages which are reactJs based single page applications (SPA). In the error screenshots, the reactJs based page is blank.
We tried different ways suggested in new relic documentation and discussion groups. like

  • $browser.sleep(15000)
  • $browser.waitForAndFindElement()
  • using different browser agents.

None of them resolved the issue.
Actually The pages won’t take more than 1-2 seconds to load. So waiting time should not be an issue.

Link for one of the tests -

Our website has some pages built using JQuery. synthetic scripts are working fine for them.

FYI, We generated the scripts using the “Katalon Recorder - Node (New relic synthetics)” chrome plugin and we ran these successfully in local machine using the same plugin.

I read some where in the forums, new relic uses headless browser to run synthetic tests. Would that cause issues with reactjs web pages?

@darma Welcome to the community :slight_smile: I see you have been working with our support team via a ticket on part of this situation. To get you community help on writing scripts I’m going to update this category to “Data Queries and Synthetic Scripts”. As a reminder that particular category is not monitored by our support team but fellow community members will provide insights if they have something to share.