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Synthetics alert - monitor issue



can this alert be reviewed please and response sent to [Email Redacted]


Hello @Paul.Fraser, Looks like the monitor failed with the following result:

WebDriverError: unknown error: ... is not clickable at point (718, 449). Other element would receive the click: ....;

This error indicates that webdriver located the element you were intending to .click() at (718, 449) . However, when performing a click action at that location, another element was obscuring that point (718, 449).

This typically happens if there are animations that reveal the item you’re intending to click, status overlays, sticky footers, etc. If this is the case, since the scripted actions are performed in order as soon as possible, you may want to add some wait conditions to wait until a desired page state is reached (e.g. element is completely unobscured) before moving forward with the next action – similar to how a user would interact with the page.

You can find more details on common errors in our troubleshooting doc:

Hope that helps :slight_smile: