Synthetics\alerts limitations

Hi New Relic team.

We are currently on an Infrastructure Pro Annual subscription.

how I can increase that limit and how much it cost?
I am aware of a limit of 50 monitors in Synthetics.

In addition, we want to have a more sophisticated structure in alert policies. Is there any limitations on:

  • notification channels (overall per account and per policy)
  • number of policies that I can create.
  • monitors per policy.

If there any limitations with alerts what are they, and is it possible to change them?

P.S. I have tried to find that info, but no luck. the link will be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Hello there @v.lazebnyi -

Your best option is to upgrade to a New Relic One plan. The Standard plan would get you up to 10k monthly Synthetics checks and unlimited Alerts. More on those plans are available here:

It looks like your current plan is not set to renew until December, so we would need to work with you on making that switch. If you would like to have that conversation, I can get our team in touch with you.

Hi @hross ,

Thank you for getting back to me but my question was specific about Synthetics monitors number. Currently my limit is 50 - how I can increase it and how much it will cost? I can not find that info in provided link. Thank you.

Hi @v.lazebnyi - per the pricing page, the Standard plan includes 10,000 monthly checks, unlimited monitors:

Pricing is also outlined on that page for the Standard tier account. I can also put you in touch with one of our account specialists who can walk you through your options. Just let me know and I will get a case started for you.

Hi, @hross still not clear to me. What is the connection between synth checks and monitors numbers?
I have used 49 monitors I need to create a bunch of new ones which briefly will double the number of monitors. I do not understand how checks related to this.
As far as I understand I already on a plan that allow me to have these 10k checks, but when I have created 51st monitor I got 402 error (Need payment).
Screenshot from 2021-06-22 09-34-10

Hi @hross any updates on the previous question? thank you.

Hi there @v.lazebnyi - Sorry for the delay. I apologize for not understanding your question better. Hopefully this clears things up!

You can create as many monitors as you want - there is no limit. In setting up each monitor, you specify how often it will run and perform a check - the checks are what is limited. So if you have 100 monitors that each perform 10 checks a day, that would be 1,000 checks per day, or about 30,000 per month.

Does that help?

Hi @hross,

I guess I have read wrongly the plan that we have. We have an annual subscription on infrastructure, but not on Synthetics.

Can you point me to where I can get the cost of the subscription and what I can get with it?

Thank you.

@v.lazebnyi Following since I see that your case has been referred to our customer advocate team. That team is in the best position to help you further on this issue.

If you have other support related areas please do let us know by opening a new topic :slight_smile: