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Synthetics API + Monitoring



Hi there,

I’m fairly new to New Relic but I’m trying to find my way around through the docs.

I have managed to create different monitors both in Synthetics and the Synthetics API. But they’re both not visible in the other way around.

When I create one through the interface, I can see them on the website, but not via the API. And when I create one with the API, I can fetch them but not see them on the interface. Can anyone help me out with this issue please?
Also: the userID is always 0 when I create one through the API?

Much appreciated.

Kind regards,



To update the community here with what we found in the support ticket, it appears that you have the EU offering of Synthetics, and were using the based endpoints for the REST API where the EU hostname should be used instead. Currently the is not documented for our Synthetics REST API, and we will work to remedy that.

With regards tot he userID reporting as 0 for monitors created through the REST API, this is expected.


Yes, exactly this fixed my problem! It’s a pity I could not find this in the Synthetics Docs. But I’m sure it will be updated soon. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: