Synthetics browser test - check all page resources succeed - no errors at all


I have an issue to test a website which all resources succeed.
I am using $browser:
Now let’s assume the index.html is 200 ok, but it’s linked resources got 4xx/5xx,
the return value is still succeed while the main website is ok.
I want to know any error due to load of depended CSS/JS/IMG and so, when I run in New Relic validatewith resource error case - I saw the errors in the breakdown (like Chrome Developer Tools), but because the main index.html succeed I don’t get any error, so the monitor return green light.
I would assume such option of - the whole site succeed to rendered without any failed sub-sequent request.
Appreciate your help!

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@uri5 It’s been awhile since you posted about this issue. Sorry you haven’t gotten a response yet. I’m going to raise this back up to the attention of our support team so that you can get some insights on this issue soon. Thank you for your patience!