Synthetics / cannot create a new monitor

I get the message image
message: Exceeds account suscription limits

I tried to reach someone without success sice 2 months ago

NR has a bad customer service

@bismar.salamea Sorry to hear you’re having a frustrating experience getting help with your subscription. Most likely I’ll need to connect you with our account team but going to DM you first to get further background information.

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Hi, Any news?
You need more information?

@bismar.salamea I direct messaged you last week with a followup question… Let me know if you didn’t not receive that DM.

Hi Did you receive my email?

No I did not receive a direct message via the community. I messaged you again through that thread. Thanks!

I answered your question.

Sorry, but the customer service is too bad.
It takes me two moths to activate just one service…
And I dont know when we are going to end

Hi @bismar.salamea,

I am sorry to hear that. My colleague has reached out to your Account Manager Felix Torres though and they should follow up with you shortly to assist you with this.

I’m still waiting :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@bismar.salamea I understand your continued frustration in waiting. However, we have done all we can do to connect you with your account team and they will followup accordingly. It is out of the scope of the community team to continuously track account related issues. If you have a support related question we are here to help. Thank you for understanding.

I Think ive waited long enough
Im seriously thinking of move to Dynatrace

Still waiting :rage: