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Synthetics Custom Attributes in Insights




SELECT average(duration) FROM SyntheticCheck WHERE monitorName = ‘removed’ since 1 week ago TIMESERIES AUTO facet nr.customAttributes

I’m wanting the custom attributes to be displayed separate on the graph however they’re grouping as shown below.

Is there a way to display each of the custom attributes separate but with the area graph above, not a line graph?

as you can do a line graph using

SELECT average(custom.STEP)


I’m wanting an area chart that displays my nr.customAttributes separate not in groups as shown above, and not a line chart.



Hi, @rhalliwell: I have never seen custom attributes displayed that way. How are you passing them in your Synthetics script?


$util.insights.set(‘1AJUS1’, StepResponseTime);


I don’t see an attribute named ‘step’ on your chart above?


Edited my reply above to match the graph above.


Ah, I see the problem: You are querying average(duration). You don’t want the duration of the entire SyntheticCheck; you want the average value of each custom attribute. I don’t think you can use FACET in this case: FACET shows you the various values of a single attribute; you are creating a separate attribute for each step name.