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Synthetics dont show SLA report



Hi ,
NewRelic Synthetics dont show SLA report. The last month it showed ok the report of sla.

What is the problem?


@diego.espinola Either the account you have does not have access to any applications in Synthetics nor there are any apps in Synthetics at the moment bec u have mentioned last month you could view it.
Are u atleast able to see any tables when the csv file is downloaded ?


Hello @diego.espinola, @Vishnu.Atma is right. I don’t see any synthetics monitors reporting on your account now. Is there any other account you’re referring to? If you send a link to the relevant account, I’ll be happy to take a look. (Only New Relic employees can access this link).


Hi @Vishnu.Atma ,
Attach the last report of SLA viewed (last days) and attach information of my account.



1 ques :slight_smile:

  1. is the weekly report populating .

Alos please send the link to NR support for them to drill down to the issue better as requested by @zahrasiddiqa


Hello @diego.espinola, It doesn’t look like you have any monitors reporting on your account anymore:

You can find documentation to set up new monitors here:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:



Hello @zahrasiddiqa

audit to see if anyone removed monitors with:

SELECT count(*) FROM NrAuditEvent
WHERE actionIdentifier = ‘synthetics_monitor.update_script’
FACET actionIdentifier, description
SINCE 5 week ago LIMIT 1000

was nobody nodify / deleted monitors.
Could it be deleted due to an application bug? Can they be recovered?


Hello @diego.espinola, Please include a Permalink to your account so we can take a look:)


Hello @diego.espinola, I just noticed you sent the permalink in your previous update. Apologies for that.

I don’t see any data reporting for monthly SLA report from the link you have sent. Further, I don’t see any Synthetics data on your account in the last few weeks: Insights


Hello @zahrasiddiqa ,

I understand that they do not see data. I currently don’t see data. but until last month I had been periodically reading the SLA for iso9000 reports. This month there was some change and I don’t understand what happened.

Attach the SLA reports of the last months.

If you check the logs of your webservers on Feb 28-2020, you will see my last good consultation of SLA .

Could you find out what changed this last month with the previous ones?


@diego.espinola - the issue here is that there is nothing apparent on our side.

I checked our internal account, one which we log all synthetics checks to, and over the past 2 months there has been no Synthetics activity on your account.

Is it possible that your screenshot stemmed from an account other than account: 1015312??