Synthetics for mobile web applications

Does new relic support Synthetic scripts to monitor the Mobile web application ? If yes, Need some details and documentation .

Synthetics can connect to a public url endpoint for web pages and API’s. If you are attempting to run a synthetic as a mobile device then this is not supported.


Hi there @ram.badey -

Did @stefan_garnham get you sorted or are there any other questions we can help you with? We want to make sure you have what you need.

Stefan clarified that new Relic doesn’t support Synthetic scripts to verify Web application on Mobile devices .
What other options we have to verify that the web application is working fine on mobile devices ?

Hi @ram.badey - You can run a synthetic against any web site or API endpoint. I am not aware of any way to set the browser up for verifying the site as a mobile device. There may be some settings that you can find in the Selenium documentation as the functions supplied by New Relic are wrappers on Selenium functions.

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Hey @ram.badey,

As @stefan_garnham pointed out, there are some options you can set up in your script to impersonate a mobile browser.

  1. The Browser’s User-Agent header; Essentially the browser passes a mobile browser’s user-agent to the site, if this is what your site uses to determine which version to show (desktop/mobile) then you’ll get the mobile version. See how to do that here
  2. If your site is size-responsive, as in it uses the screen size to determine whether to show a mobile version or desktop version, then you can configure the screen size in the script, see how to do that here.

I recommend going with both of these options, however you should note that regardless of the settings you configure, your monitor will always run in chrome, albeit with the size and user-agent you have set.