Synthetics got a runtime upgrade!

Tell me more!
At ~9:00 AM PST on 9.20.2017, Synthetics upgraded its default runtime for all newly created non-ping monitors to use the following:

  • Node 6.11.2 (Scripted API, Scripted Browser)
  • Chrome 60.0.3112.101 (Simple browser & Scripted Browser)
  • Chromedriver 2.31 (Simple browser & Scripted Browser)
    Selenium Webdriver 3.5.0 (Simple browser & Scripted Browser)
    In addition, all external and internal node dependencies have been upgraded to the latest version.

Why the change?
This is a significant upgrade in both Node and Chrome versions. Aside from adding reliability to Synthetics overall, this upgrade brings HTTP/2 support as well as exposing a lot of new data in the HAR file of your monitor results.

How do I access the new runtime?
All monitors created after the release of the new runtime will use it automatically.

To ensure that we don’t create new failures in existing monitors, we do not change the runtime of monitors created using previous runtimes. If you have a monitor that you wish to upgrade, you must recreate that monitor as a new monitor in order to take advantage of the new runtime.

Note: There is a corresponding new private minion that includes this new runtime, available for download here. You will need to update to this latest version to take advantage of the new runtime on your Synthetics private locations.


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