Synthetics - Incorrect screenshots,Failure attempts

Hi Team,
I have few queries regarding New Relic Synthetics as listed below which I have posted in single thread :

  1. A test validation screenshot is meant to depict that of the last screen executed by the test. However, often while validating a test case, the success screenshot displayed on the screen is one of a previous step. Consequently, we are unable to determine whether or not the test has truly executed all steps as intended by the script or abruptly completed with a success message. Could you please provide some insight into this?

  2. The info columns on the Synthetics tab -> Monitors sub tab is often displaying the status as ‘Waiting for data’ as opposed to displaying details around the execution of the test in real-time (e.g. ‘Success rate’, ‘Avg size’ etc). Why is this happening?

  3. When a test case fails, does it retry it a certain number of times behind the scenes before displaying the final error and sending an email for it? If so, how many retry attempts would that be? How about during a success (especially due to concern raised in point 1)?

Hi @ffxdev - Welcome to the forum. I will try and answer some of your questions.

  1. The last screenshot of each page load is stored for Synthetic browser scripts. If your test fails then it is the page that was last displayed which is stored. If you were to log the steps of your script to the console then you would be able to determine at which point the script is failing without a screenshot. Have a look at my sample for an idea.

  2. Usually the waiting for data occurs prior to the synthetic completing. If this is still occurring after a script has run, try refreshing the page. If this is still not updating then raise support ticket.

  3. A test will retry if it fails and if the script fails after 3 attempts then the alert will be raised. This is by design to cover network issues.

Is this retry built-in logic still working today? Where I can find the NR documentation about this?