Synthetics Monitor downtimes feature API available?

Hi all
I would like to integrate our CD pipeline with New Relic Monitor downtime feature

I do not find any API documentation to allow me to stop the monitors (create a downtime window) anytime I run a deployment and eventually delete it at the end of the process.

Is it true I can only manage the Monitor downtime using the Web UI?

Thank you

Hi @paolo.dellarocca1, there is currently no API for managing Monitor Downtimes, I would recommend adding this as a Feature Idea here on the Hub where other users can vote and add their use-cases. The more support these ideas get the better :slight_smile:

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Hi @rdouglas
I found the exact same request here Feature Idea: Is there an API for “Monitor Downtime”?
It was created in July but no progress so far. I just added my vote and described the use case

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Thanks for posting over there @paolo.dellarocca1 - Your use case has been added internally. :smiley: