Synthetics Monitor Script USER_DEFINED_VARIABLES Not Found

I created a Synthetics Monitor Script to ping a server and now that I want to save the server ip address as some secret.

I came across CPM (Install containerized private minions (CPMs) | New Relic Documentation) and it seems it can create environment variables in monitor scripts. I set up a private location and run a minion with custom environment variables.

Then I went back to my synthetics monitor script and tried to access with $env.USER_DEFINED_VARIABLES. I can see all other 8 variables on this page, except $env.USER_DEFINED_VARIABLES. (Manage monitor runtimes | New Relic Documentation )

Did I miss something here?

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Through the configuration of CPM Environment Variables based around either creating the environment variable and either passing it or using a json file for Docker or Kubernetes would allow you to access it via something like:


docker run -e MINION_PRIVATE_LOCATION_KEY=$SOME-KEY -e MINION_USER_DEFINED_ENV_VARIABLES='{"KEY":"VALUE","NAME":"MINION","ETC":"ETC"}' -v /tmp:/tmp:rw -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock:rw

I run the script as the above and then tried to access it in my synthetic monitor script with $env.USER_DEFINED_VARIABLES.NAME but it just couldn’t find USER_DEFINED_VARIABLES and returns undefined. I can see the minion count is 1.

I’m running docker run locally on my computer. Not sure if I misunderstood anything here

I think I found where I did wrong. So I need to assign that private location upon creating the monitor.

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Glad you sorted this our @weiting.chen - thanks so much for sharing how you solved it!